Saturday: Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was my first comic convention ever! The atmosphere was quite different! More extreme cosplays and an older crowd than Animegacon! I loved it tho! There was a bigger dealer’s area, more booths selling cool stuff like art, comics, toys, shirts, shoes, etc. We were there for a shorter amount of time but a lot of things happened. I ended wearing my Skull Kid cosplay again because I loved the feedback from Animegacon.

I’ve ran into an old friend/kandi buddy. Danica’s rockin another Loli dress!

I’ve met an awesome new friend from tumblr. She was Vaas from Far Cry 3! Hi Nugget! :D 

Liz got a picture of her 2 favorite masked characters! Skull Kid and Rorschach!

I was pressured by all the zelda fans in the game area to enter the costume contest. I got really shy as half the room cheered me on and Liz said I turned bright red. xD

I was so nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve been in front of a crowd like that. I made my way up to the stage and inches away from famous cosplayers, Monika Lee, Jessica Nigri, and Jessica Nigri’s boobs. Master Swords were raised in the crowd as I made my way to the stage. IT WAS AMAZING!

We saw a great Khaleesi cosplay. She even had little dragons!

We got posters too! Liz got a Batman X Haunted Mansion one and I got the Street Fighter X Lilo and Stitch one that I posted a while back! Thanks to

I think Liz enjoyed her early anniversary gift <3 We didn’t get Stan Lee’s autograph like we wanted, but to me, everything that happened ended being worth much more! :)

Now we gotta get ready for EDC!!!

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